Acoustic access panel

Acoustic access panels are made with additivated gypsum boards in order to have the best acoustic performances. These boards have a nominal thickness of 13 mm and a high superficial hardness.
These access panels are also made of an aluminium framework and limiters to allow a better half-open position.

They are ideal for dry construction application systems, in indoor places with acoustic isolation and fire resistance requirements. They are applied in ceilings and walls with acoustic gypsum boards (in continuity), in the following locations; Colleges, Schools, Hospitals, Hotels, Entertainment facilities, Auditoriums, Shops, Offices, etc…
With a system that is both easy to apply and to handle, there is no longer need for specially trained professionals to apply them.

•  Aluminium frames with 1,5mm thickness;

•  Air tight tape;

•  Rockwool in the back of the access panel;

•  Easy opening with the TIC-TAC lock system (push-pull) ;

•  Possibility to apply on ceilings or walls (dumping type);

•  Accessories in galvanized plate;

•  Packed individually in a box that is easy to identify;

View the link ACOUSTIC  ( Download PDF )
250×250 mm
300×300 mm  (11,81 x 11,81 in)
400×400 mm  (15,75 x 15,75 in)
500×500 mm  (19,69 x 19,69 in)
600×600 mm  (23,62 x 23,62 in)