The automatic access panels has an inbuilt engine connected to a switch or remote control that will automatically open and close it.
This type of automatic access panels has the option to include a base for a projector, its minimum size is 550 x 550mm (21,65 x 21,65 in) and is specifically fit for high ceilings, to hide projection screens,
as well as slide projection equipment, video,LCD, etc..


•  Aluminium frames, structure with 1.5mm thickness or galvanised steel frame with 1mm thickness;
•  Acessories made from galvani sed plate and limiters in galvanised steel;
•  Plush as an air and light insulation tape;
•  Command or switch as optional ;

  link( Download PDF )

As of 550x550mm (21,65 x 21,65 in)
*other measures on request