Fire Resistant Access Panels RF30/60/90

 The fire resistant access panels (RF/IE) are manufactured with 15mm (0,59 in)-thick fire-resistant gypsum boards one 15mm board for EI30 or two 15mm boards for EI60 and EI90, supported by an aluminium or galvanised steel frame.
The sealing of the area between the rims is made with intumescent tape. This tape is made with a material that increases in size when there is a high rise in temperature, completely sealing the gap avoiding the passage of smoke, flames and hot gases.

The access panels are insulated on the side that is not exposed to fire by rockwool plates.

•   Aluminium frames, structure with 1.5mm (0,06 in) thickness or galvanised steel frame with 1mm (0,04 in) thickness;
•   Acessories made from galvanised plate and limiters in galvanised steel;
•   Intumescent tape to avoid the passage of smoke, flames and hot gases;
•   Application of trapdoors to ceilings and walls (access panels);
•   Click locks for ceilings and walls; with key lock option for added safety. 

See the link RF30  ( Download PDF )
See the link RF60  ( Download PDF )