Gypsum Preshaped Elements and Glue

The “TVS” gypsum preshaped elements are preciously cut elements to make their installation faster, easier, inexpensive and with a better finish, allowing for reduced labour costs and a more efficient use of the material.
One can do without, for instance certain brackets and plaster paste, as well as teel banding, obtaining a right-angle finish that is superior to traditional methods.

These elements can be applied with TVS Glue, available in 300ml cylinders, wich packaging incorporates a special lid that makes its use easier and cleaner. Our gypsum preshaped elements can be executed on boards with thicknesses of 13 (0,51 in)and 15mm (0,59 in), and a lenght between 2000mm ( 78,74 in –  white board) and 2400mm ( 94,49 in – green board). The cutting angle can be of 45º, 90º and 135º or others upon consideration.

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Most populars formats 

Eurofirst GLUE

The Eurofirst Glue is pasty (thixotropic) and is prepared based on synthetic resins.

J Format

L Format

"Omega" Format

"U" Format

Z Format

Example 1

Example 2