Miscellaneous Access Panels

We conceive miscellaneous access panels in gypsum board with special plates, and these are:

  • TILE  ideal for tiles or stone with a finish of variable thickness are particularly suitable for walls that have ceramic lining, stones, etc., up to 26mm-thick;
  • PERFORATED ideal for follow of decorative perforated ceilings and solving certain ceiling ventilation problems;
  • TYPE VIROC &  MDF  (fibre cement plates) are suitable for outdoors installations such as balconies, galleries, etc., and for any situation where regular maintenance access is needed;
  • ALU + METAL  access panel with a steel finished white lacquered, and with occult aluminum frame;
  • BOARD 18 mm & DOBLE BOARD ideal for accompaniment of systems of non standardized;
  • 2 DOORS / PORT  advisable for large access panels or small spaces to allow for opening the doors in the same smaller space;
  • CEILING REMOVABLE ACESS PANEL/ not fixed opening  for those who need simplicity and usability to open the access panel: no need for locks, hinges and limiters. The opening/ the door is totally and easily removable.
– See the link VIROC  ( Download PDF )
– See the link DOBLE BOARD  ( Download PDF )
– See the link PERFORATED ( Download PDF )

200x200mm (7,87 x 7,87 in)
300x300mm (11,81 x 11,81 in)
400x400mm (15,75 x 15,75 in)
500x500mm  (19,69 x 19,69 in)
600x600mm (23,62 x 23,62 in)

*other measures on request