Privacy Policy

At EUROFIRST we respect your privacy and thank you for trusting us. In this Privacy Policy we explain who we are, for which purpose we can use your personal data, how we treat it, with whom we share it, how long we keep it, as well as how to contact us to enforce your rights.

Your data will be treated by EUROFIRST – Fábrica e Comércio de Tampas de Visita a Serviços, Unipessoal, Lda., legal person with the number 507711947, with the following Head Office address Rua Cidade de Faro, Lote 8 – Zona Industrial de Frielas  – 2660-023 Frielas – Portugal. Eurofirst is responsible for the treatment of personal data based on the Data Protection Regulation.

Why do we need that information?
EUROFIRST will treat your personal data for the following purposes:

Who we are
EUROFIRST’s main activity is the production of ceiling and wall access panels, as well as gypsum plasterboard pre-shaped elements and consequently to sell those products. The treatment of your data is necessary to enforce the buying and selling contract celebrated between you and EUROFIRST, or to apply pre-contract diligences on your demand.

EUROFIRST can treat your data to send you information about our products or useful information, as for instance, closing or Portuguese holiday’s dates.
That way, with your consent, you will receive periodically marketing releases by e-mail.
EUROFIRST will also share your data with third parties who deal with social network, as for example Facebook, for the purpose of releasing marketing campaigns through social network.
The consent for the treatment of personal data for the purpose of direct marketing can be disallowed at any moment. The data will be kept for that purpose during 2 years of inactivity.

Management of Clients
EUROFIRST will treat your data for the purpose of management. With your agreement, this data can be used to send information about promotional activities.  The data will be kept for that purpose during 10 years of inactivity.

The information about me will be shared with other people?
Your personal information can be shared with:
– Third people who provide services for EUROFIRST,

Your personal data can be treated by companies who provide services for EUROFIRST, as Internet page hosting, electronic mailing, answer to questions of users’ services, sending information about new products, special offers. It will only be transmitted to that companies the personal data needed to provide that service.
Your data will be treated in the European Union area.

What are my Rights?
Whenever you want to, you can ask us:

  • Access to the information we have about you;
  • To modify the information, if this one is not correct or not complete.
  • To delete or limit the treatment of your data;
  • If the treatment depends on your consent or agreement and this latter is realized by informatics means, you have the right to receive the data transmitted before, in a structured way, used in common and in a readable informatics format.

Your demands will be treated with special attention, allowing ensuring efficacy of your rights. One can ask you a proof of your identity, that way we will be sure that we share the personal data only with its owner.

You have to be aware that sometimes (for instance, due to legal requirements), your request may be not treated immediately.
Nevertheless, you will be informed about the measures taken for that purpose, in a maximum delay of one month since the moment of the demand.

Right of Access
The personal data holder has the right to obtain from EUROFIRST the confirmation that data about him is or not part of treatment and, if it’s the case, to access to his personal data and also to the information enforce by the law.
If you want more than a copy of your personal data in phase of treatment, EUROFIRST could ask for a tax payment for that service as administrative costs.

Right of correction
The personal data holder has the right to obtain from EUROFIRST, without unjustified delay, the modification of non-exact or incomplete data about him.

Right of being forgotten (right of deleting data)
The personal data holder has the right to ask EUROFIRST to delete his data, without unjustified delay, because EUROFIRST has the commitment to, when one of the following reasons is present:
a) Personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes that motivated the registration or the treatment;
b) The holder has canceled his consent for the treatment of the data (in the case the treatment is based on the consent) and there is no other basement for that treatment;
c) The holder contests the treatment and there is no predominant legal interest to justify the treatment;

Right to Limit the Treatment
The data holder has the right to obtain from EUROFIRST the limitation of the treatment, if one of the following situations happens:
a) To contest the exactitude of the personal data, during a period that allows EUROFIRST to check its exactitude;
b) The data treatment is legal and the data holder contests the delete of his personal data and requests, instead, the limitation of its use;
c) EUROFIRST has no more need of the personal data for treatment purpose, but this data is required by the holder for the following purposes: declaration, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial trial;
d) He contests the treatment, until the verification that the legal purposes of the responsible of the treatment prevail over those of the data holder.

I can disallow my consent later?
If the consent is legally necessary for the treatment of personal data, the data holder has the right to remove his consent whenever he wants to, even if this right do not enforce the legality of the treatment done, based on the consent previously given, or the treatment of this data later, based on another legal base, as for the appliance of the contract or the legal obligation to what EUROFIRST is enforced.

If you have any doubt about the treatment of personal data, or if you want to enforce one of your rights and /or remove your consent, contact us by e-mail: