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Eurofirst, Fabrico e Comércio de Tampas de Visita a Serviços, Unipessoal Lda., was founded in 2006 by a team of professionals that
originally came from a company specialised in dropped ceilings and gypsum partitions. We try to manufacture specific products
in the dropped ceiling and divider range, as well as some products for natural gas, always keeping to market trends and their
progress, offering the best quality/aesthetics at affordable prices.
We also guarantee well-conditioned transport of our products to anywhere in the world.


Eurofirst manufactures a wide range of access panels that allow for an easy access to the most varied types of equipment (i.e. air conditioning devices, electrical distribution boards, hydromassage bath tubs, etc.). These can be applied to dropped ceilings, dividers, etc., and can be manufactured in various sizes and materials (gypsum board, metal Thermo Laquered RAL 9010) and other colors.

Gypsum Board Preshaped Elements, in a wide range of shapes and sizes, with a minimum lenght of 2 metres,
as well as acessories to cover outdoor natural gas installations (rails).


In order to intensify our activity within the national and International market, Eurofirst is not only looking for good commercial relationships in specific markets but also competent and experimented partners.



In the competitive economy of nowadays, it is crucial to develop strategic relationships of partnership to ensure long term success of a company.

Eurofirst is conscious of the importance of partnerships and aims at establishing lucrative relationships with partners.

For us, partners are extremely important. They are more than stores for our products, they are part of the Eurofirst Team. Our partners work together to promote the best buying conditions and utilization of our solutions to the clients.

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Which one is the best for your project?Various access panels

Various access panels for different solutions. We produce the most various kinds of access panels based on the possible different kinds of constructions. Three suggestions of different access panels : Removable access panel, Air-tight access panel and the Automatic access panel. You can discover theses and others access panels in our website.

Removable A. Panel

For those who need simplicity to open the access panel: prevent damage-lock issues, hinges and limiters. The opening/ the door is totally and easily removable.

Acoustic access panel

The Acoustic access panels are ideals for dry construction application systems, in places with acoustic isolation, and air-tight needs.

Air-Tight Access Panel

This access panel is ideal for building systems areas that need to be air-tight and dust-tight or/and for humid locals with extreme hygrometry.