Standard Access Panels

 The standard access panels are manufactured with 13 (0,51 in), and 15mm (0.59 in) thickness gypsum board plates and sustained by an aluminium frame structure. They are produced in a variety of standard sizes (see below) as well as in custom sizes (on request). For example, 200 x 1200mm (7,87 x 47,24 in) or 300 x 1500mm (11,81 x 59,06 in) (adjusted to air conditioning filters or other devices), keeping in mind the clients’ most frequent needs.

All standard access panels are able to have limiters installed allowing for a partially open position.

With a system that is both easy to install and to handle, the convenient and quick installation of this product does not require especially trained professionals.


  • Profils en aluminium, structure de 1,5 mm (0,06 in) d’épaisseur;
  • Aluminium frames, structure with 1.5mm thickness or galvanised steel frame with 1mm thickness;
  • Limiters in galvanised steel;
  • Plush as an air and light insulation tape;
  • Application of trapdoors to ceilings and (access panels);
  • Click locks for ceilings and tic-tac-locks for walls; with key lock option for added safety;


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200x200mm (7,87 x 7,87 in)
300x300mm (11,81 x 11,81 in)
400x400mm (15,75 x 15,75 in)
500x500mm (19,69 x 19,69 in)
600x600mm (23,62 x 23,62 in)